Kaneshiro Mari,

President and Chairman.

With over 18 years of experience in International trading and finance, Ms Yutaka Kaneshiro drives the core purpose of QS Remit and value creation for the company.  A firm believer in commitment and networking, she sets the vision and provides strategic direction and leadership to the company.  Besides, she oversees the overall business growth of the company.




Rhishendra Giri,
Executive Director,
Corporate Strategy and Business Development.

Having been involved in the remittance sector for over 12 years, Mr. Rhishendra Giri steers the company’s corporate strategy, business development and marketing endeavors. With affluent experience and well versed in the intricacies of business operation, he is influential in business dealing and negotiating contracts. He helps build the company’s partners and networks world wide besides maintaining warm and cordial business relationships with them.Mr. Giri has been leading the company's relentless business development plan by exploring and expanding the market and provides the strategic direction to the company’s growth.


Kaneshiro Yutaka,
Director, Operation & Management

With over 20 years of combined operational experience in trading and remittance business, Mr. Yutaka Kaneshiro heads the operations and management of the company.  A team leader, motivator to the staff and communications expert, he is responsible to maintain the company’s superlative customer service with unflinching passion of service excellence. Further he also assists in the overall strategic and sustainable growth of the company.



Rhiddhindra Giri,

Director, Service & Expansion

Rhiddhindra Giri is the service and hospitality industry expert. He drives solutions that the company requires at the customers level and has been leading the ambitious expansion plan. Besides offering the strategic direction to the company, he is responsible for building long-term business partnership, expanding network in emerging markets and broadening the portfolio in order to make QS Remit a truly Global Money Transfer company.