We strive to deliver quick and cost-effective remittance service that is reliable and trusted. Our services are not just restricted to Cash delivery and Account Transfers as we offer multiple options and simple methods beyond these. Our services are as follows:

1. Send Money: QS Remit commits to deliver best and technology driven services for sending money around the globe. The options for this includes:

  • Over the counter service
  • Transfer via ATM
  • QS Remit Mobile App
  • QS Remit Web System: QS Remit also utilizes a web based interface system called IRemit which makes the services accessible online.

2. Track Transactions: For the safe transfer and delivery of your money, we assure accurate tracking of your transactions. Every money transfer is processed by using our proprietary software system for accuracy & completeness, which helps in proper tracking of each transaction so that transfers reach the destination promptly and safely.

3. Receive Money: QS Remit provides trusted platform to beneficiary to receive the money form the sender through our reliable services. We offer various options through which beneficiary can receive their due and the options are:

  • Cash collection from nearby partners
  • Cash transfer to beneficiary’s account
  • QS Wallet (Mobile Money) ( *Coming Soon)

4. Mobile/Web Application( *Coming Soon): With QS Remit, it is easy to carry out transaction through your cell phone within seconds. Through the use of QS Remit Mobile App ‘QS Wallet’, customers can send, receive and track their transaction with little effort and time.

Additionally, customers can also process their transactions online. By simply logging onto QS Remit's web application, customer can easily send/receive money and track their transactions.